Monday, February 9, 2009

Satellite tagged Osprey journeys to Michigan

In November I received an email from N.C. Osprey researcher Rob Bierregaard (U.N.C. Charlotte) who is conducting satellite telemetry research on at least seven of these fascinating highly-migratory raptors. He informed me that one of his birds, a young male originally tagged in the nest at Martha's Vineyard, MA, had spent the summer of 2008 wandering the northeast, including the U.P. He was especially fond of Pellissier Lake near Marquette, and was on its way to his neotropical wintering grounds via N.C. as of November 2008.

You can track the incredible journeys of this bird, named Meadow, here. This is yet another example of the astounding, often unpredictable journeys made by migratory birds.

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