Monday, January 12, 2009

9 Michigan IBAs prioritized as globally significant!

We are proud to announce that the National IBA Technical Committee has approved nine Michigan IBAs as globally-significant sites! This means that each site plays a very important role globally in supporting one or more species recognized as globally vulnerable or threatened by the IUCN. The sites are [species triggering the designation in brackets]:

1) Kirtland's Warbler Management Units and Guide's Rest [Kirtland's Warbler]
2) Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (inc. N. Manitou Id.) [Piping Plover]
3) coastal Saginaw Bay (Nayanquing Pt. to Wildfowl Bay) [Tundra Swan]
4) lower Detroit River [Canvasback]
5) Allegan State Game Area & Kalamazoo River [Cerulean Warbler]
6) Barry State Game Area, Yankee Springs Recereation Area & Perry Trust [Cerulean Warbler]
7) Fort Custer Training Center and Recreation Area [Cerulean Warbler]
8) Watrerloo Recreation Area [Cerulean Warbler]
9) White River (Manistee National Forest) [Cerulean Warbler]

For more information on any of these sites please see our online database of Michigan's IBAs.

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